Welcome to Kewdale Primary School

I welcome you to our school website and invite you view the different section and gain a good understanding of what Kewdale Primary School can offer you and your children.

You will see that we have a diversity of cultures and across these, we have a diversity of family values, rules and understandings.  This is why at our school we have one set of values and understandings that are generally common across all public schools and set to by the School Council.  This allows everyone to know and understand the school’s rules and culture.

The students and staff are very caring and committed to striving to succeed.  We look towards parents as partners in their child’s learning and expect that parents will provide on-going home support of their child’s learning and the school programmes.  At times, we encourage parents to become involved more and provide in-school support to their child whether this be in volunteering to help at special days or on a regular basis within the class.  Everyone is busy but a child’s education cannot be left to the school or others.  Parents need to be involved.

Being an active member is what being part of a school community requires and this helps to ensure the youngsters of our community have the best opportunity to reach their potential.  We request that parents become members of the Parents and Citizens Association and join with other parents to improve the resources of our school.  This is a practical way that both mums and dads can contribute to their child’s education and their child can see that you value their learning.

Education is truly a lifelong gift that parents in partnership with the school can give to secure a rewarding, safe and productive life.