Staff and Classes

PRINCIPAL – Mrs Natalie Oddy
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL – Mrs Delwyn Howard and Mrs Julie Dodge




Kindergarten Mrs Kylee Fincham EC3
Pre-Primary Mrs Peta Langford EC1
Year 1 Ms Jane Middleton A2
Year 1/2 Miss Cecilia Griffin
Mrs Kelli Dalton
Year 2 Ms Sharon O’Halloran 2
Year 3 Miss Megan Bragg 15
Year 3/4 Mr Damien Newton-Roycroft 14
Year 4/5 Mr Christopher Jeakings 13
Year 5 Mr David Kingston 11
Year 6 Miss Michelle Giggins
Mrs Erin Lylse

Support Teachers

EALD Ms Sandra McQuillan
Music / Choir Mrs Erin Lysle
Languages Other Than English Mrs Hong Gao (Japanese)
Physical Education Mrs Candice Piani
Science Mrs Nicole Harwood
ICT Mrs Kelli Dalton
Learning Support Co-Ordinator Miss Cecilia Griffin

Non-Teaching Support Staff

Manager Corporate Services Mrs Caz Fiegert
School Officer Mrs Rae Ramsden
Library Officer Mrs Lynda Morgan
Pre-Primary Education Assistants Ms Brie Adams
Ms Lena Brown
Ms Lee-Anne Wilkins
Junior Education Assistants Ms Lee-Anne Wilkins
Ms Noraini Aman
Special Needs Education Assistants Mrs Alison Clifford
Mrs Gen Caccetta
Mrs Amanda Tanner
Ms Rodica Munteanu
Mrs Marie D’Souza
Kindergarten Assistant Mrs Maria Burgess
Ms Cathy Wain
Ms Lee-Anne Wilkins
AIEO Ms Margaret Papertalk
Gardener/Handyperson Mr Ryan Garrod-Raynor
Cleaner in Charge
Ms Jenny Edmunds
Mrs Cristia Velasco
Mrs Leah Ramos
Ms Regie Chavez


All children at the school including Pre Primary children have access to professional support services.  These include:
School Psychologist Miss Lizet van den Ouweland
School Nurse Ms Nyria Brinkhaoff
Dental Therapy Unit Carlisle Primary School
School Chaplain Patricia Ocampo

Referrals may be made through these professionals to other agencies that may be of assistance. These are always in consultation with parents at all stages.