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The School Council has decided on a dress code for all students attending school believing it will;

  • foster and enhance the public image of the school;
  • assist in building school and team spirit;
  • ensure students are safely dressed for attending specific school activities;
  • encourage equality among students;
  • prepare students for high school and the demands of the society.


  1. Acceptance of enrolment assumes that parent/guardian and student have agreed to conform to this code.
  2. Exemption/modification to the code for individuals will be considered for official religious or diagnosed health reasons.  Parents need to make an appointment with the Principal to gain agreement prior to carrying out modification/exemption.
  3. Students should ensure that they take appropriate precautions for protection against the sun at all times.
  4. Students are expected to wear school dress code to school each day unless provided with an exemption.

Dress Code


  • White polo knit shirt with black insert, collar and the school logo or plain white polo knit shirt with collar.  No slogans/logo.
  • Dress in black material (limited to the Uniform Shop)
  • ‘Leavers’ T-shirt: A black and white polo T-shirt with collar as decided by the senior staff & students.
  • Black tracksuit top with school logo, or plain black wind-cheater or jumper; no slogans or hoods.
  • School faction coloured T-shirts are plain and are to be worn for sports sessions and sports days.


  • Black pleated skirt, skort or shorts (Dress shorts no shorter than fingertips of arm at side. No denim, long boardies, jeggings. Leggings only under skirt/shorts).
  • School tracksuit pants or plain black tracksuit pants or plain black trousers. No jeans.
  • School Sport Uniform – black sport shorts/skirt/skorts with white school polo shirt and sports sneakers with white/black socks.


  • Appropriate footwear secured to the foot e.g. shoes/sports sneakers (with white/black socks), sandals.
  • No unsecured footwear e.g. thongs, massage sandals, scuffs, skate shoes or Ugg boots.  Laces must be tied.


  • Broad-brimmed or bucket hat in black with school logo or plain black, worn when using outside areas.

Sunscreen is encouraged– not coloured.


  • Hair to be tied back at all times.
  • Make-up is discouraged and only clear nail polish acceptable.
  • No jewellery that endangers others or the child.  Sleeper or stud only for piercing, removed for contact sport.  No responsibility will be taken for jewellery.
  • Parkas or rain jackets to be removed once in class.
  • Clothes should be worn to be comfortable and have no slogans or motif other than the school logo and/or name.
  • All clothes and footwear to be clean and suitable for school activities.


The following approach will be used for students not following the dress code;

  • discussion with their teacher and/or administration;
  • their parents will be contacted to gain support and give assistance where necessary;
  • give assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing if necessary and able; and/or
  • a pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification.

Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to attend activities that are not essential to the educational programme or where the student is representing the school including sport comps, excursions/incursions.