Travelling to School

Kewdale Primary is bounded by Kew St, Belmont Ave and Knutsford Ave with the main entrance being off Kew St.

We encourage students to ride and/or walk to school.  This develops more independence and confidence as well as keeping them fitter.  It is important that you walk with them to start so they learn the way and to cross roads safely.  During this time it would be good to collect other students that could walk with your child and ensure they have a group of school friends to be with once you let them go on their own.  This called a Walking Bus.

School Crosswalk

Directly outside the front of the school on Kew St, we have a School Crosswalk which is attended before and after school.  Pease ensure you and your children use this crossing if you are needing to cross over Kew St.  Developing good road sense is important and parents modeling this is vital.


The National Safety Council does not recommend children under the age of 9 riding a bike to school without adult supervision.  Bike helmets are compulsory by law.

A limited number of bike racks are available; however, no responsibility for loss or damage to bicycles/scooters is accepted by the school.

All children riding bikes/scooters to school must enter the school grounds through the gate on Belmont Avenue and it is their responsibility to secure their bike/scooter by providing and using a lock.


Parking is always at a premium at the beginning and the end of the day.  We ask that you show patience and respect for all road users and comply with the road signs and rules.  We also ask that if it is necessary for you to drive your children to school, that you try and drop off and pick up away from the busiest areas.  Try to arrange for your children to meet you on Knutsford Ave or further down Kew St where parking is often easier.