Novel Coronavirus

School Week 4 on:  Parent information
Parents will be aware of the Premier’s announcement that school will be compulsory again from this coming Monday for all students except those with valid medical reasons for not attending.  Here are some of the main points as they apply to us:

  • Our staff will no longer be doing lessons over Connect or supplying work packages for students who are not on site.
  • Students who are absent without medical reasons will be marked absent.
  • Students with a valid medical reason to be away will be provided with Departmentally produced work packages. They will not be marked absent.
  • There is a process to go through and the requests are assessed through the School of Special Needs: Medical and Mental Health team. Parents who believe that their child in in this category should contact me and I will walk you through the process.
  • Parents are still not allowed on site, so the current gate system will continue.
  • Assemblies, Interschool sport, incursions and excursions are still not permitted.
  • PEAC will resume.
  • The Government will review the situation in week 7 of term and may make further adjustments at that time.
  • We have locked in the last Friday of term, Friday 3 July, as our School Development Day as mentioned in the latest newsletter.

It is wonderful to be getting back into some normality – it has been a somewhat different journey over the last three months.  I would like to thank you all for your co-operation and also our staff for the terrific work they have done in making the whole scenario work.

Brian Simpson

15 May, 2020