About Us

We have 287 students from Kindergarten (4 year olds) to Year 6’s (12 year olds).  The students are placed in 12 classes with a mixture of straight year levels and also comprised of two year levels.  This allows the teachers to link students into the learning at the point of need for a student whether this be remediation or extension.

Apart from the class teacher, the students have the opportunity to learn from a specialist in Science, Physical Education, Japanese and Music.  We also have the expertise on staff to form a choir for special occasions and visits.

The school is fortunate to have strong links with Belmont City College and through this, select students can take advantage of drama  sessions.  This is a very stimulating and effective programme which is looking to expand into science and mathematics.

The school also has the opportunity to extend students via our district Primary Extension and Challenge programme (PEAC) also within our school a KEP program (Kewdale extension Programme). We have a school based remedial programme based on MultiLit, MiniLit and IntiaLit  all are designed to assist students reach their potential.

Resources in the school are continuously being improved and built on.  All staff who desired a interactive device for teaching have access to one and the classes make extensive use of the school’s computer lab.  We have a large bank of iPads allowing in-class computer work making use of the school Wi Fi system.