Kewdale Primary School has a huge diversity of language and cultural backgrounds. In 2021 we have 26 different languages spoken in our school community comprising of three quarters of the school population.

At Kewdale Primary we cater for diverse learning needs of additional language learners by providing English withdrawal class once a week.  The classes are from Kindergarten to Year 6 based on the language needs of the children, number of years of schooling, length of time in Australia and whether a second language is spoken at home. The groups are small to optimise learning and give opportunities for children to learn and practise language in context and develop confidence when speaking.

Developmentally, all children learn to speak before they can read and write. For this reason, in our specialist class we focus specifically on oral language, which can help children in class with their reading and writing.

EALD classes are conducted with teacher directed instruction and modelling. Learning through play, oral language games and activities where children are encouraged to speak and learn English in context in a supportive environment.

Sensory Language Activities

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City Building Activity 

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