Early Childhood

We believe that our learning environment should be child centered and we support the social/emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child. Children’s learning is interwoven and holistic and their home experiences are integral to the child’s development at school.

The individual needs of the child are respected and valued. We understand the importance of caring for and respecting each other. We undertake meaningful learning experiences that are culturally relevant, value existing knowledge and extend on home learning to develop the whole child. Recognising the diversity of our community has enabled us to embrace cultural respect as a core principle in our classrooms.

Children are capable and competent learners. As teachers we uphold this view to inspire students to become lifelong learners. We believe that in order for each child to realise their full potential they need opportunities to participate in differentiated learning experiences through play based learning and explicit instruction. Giving students opportunities to participate in risk taking to learn and challenge themselves in a safe environment. Assessment in Early childhood to guide teaching and learning, assessment is purposeful and developmentally appropriate.

As Early Childhood Educators we value building strong relationships. We believe in the importance of working as a united team in order to support each other professionally and emotionally.