At Kewdale Primary School, students from Pre-primary to Year 6 have specialist lessons once a week in which they taught ICT General Capabilities and the content of the Digital Technologies curriculum.

In all year levels, there is a focus on a typing and using computers, which equips students with the 21st century skills that they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

  • At a Pre-primary level, students learn the location of the keys on a keyboard and how to double-click to open windows. Students are also taught how to log into computers with a username and password in readiness for Year 1.
  • At a lower and middle primary level, students are taught how to open and save Word documents. They also consolidate their knowledge of the computer keyboard and learn to touch-type to improve fluency.
  • At an upper primary level, students continue to refine their touch-typing skills while also learning how to insert charts and tables into Word.

In all year levels, there is also a focus on Coding and Robots.

  • Pre-primary and lower primary students are introduced to robots with buttons on them that can be pressed to program the robot to move. They construct and plan mazes that their robots can drive through without crashing.
  • Students in middle and upper primary are introduced to robots that are coded through Bluetooth and which require blocks of instructions to be linked together.
  • At an upper primary level, students learn to write single programs for robots that have two outcomes depending on a variable, such as whether the robot senses an obstacle.

At all year levels, students are introduced to coding apps on the school iPads and online. Many of these apps have free versions and can be downloaded on devices for students to practice at home.

Kewdale Primary School is well equipped with a dedicated computer lab, a 1:1 iPad ratio for ICT & Digital Technologies lessons, six Bee-bot robots, fourteen Dash robots and three Dot robots.