In the future, Kewdale Primary School will be united with the local community to be the educational leaders within the district. Our school will be at the forefront of educational excellence and equity. Students and staff will express their vigilant passion for learning, empowering themselves – as engaged global citizens – to inspire others knowledgeably, confidently and successfully to strive and succeed.

Strategic Improvement Target
To improve student acquisition and use of Literacy skills across the school through a focussed effort on explicit teaching in the areas of Reading and Grammar and Punctuation.

Key whole school literacy strategies

    • Continue to embed Whole School Literacy Plans and Scope and Sequences aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline
    • Continue to implement and monitor whole school approach to spelling (Sound Waves), with provision for support and direction at the cluster level.
    • Continue to implement Intervention Program from P-2, students being identified by On-Entry data and teacher judgement
    • Continue to implement and monitor the MULTILit & Minilit program for Year 1 and above students, with particular emphasis on transferability of skills into the classroom.

Focus Areas

    • Implement Talk 4 Writing as a whole school approach.
    • Alignment of teaching practice through mandate of ACARA Scope and sequences for Literacy Grammar & Punctuation.
    • Use ACARA Judging Standards for report writing.
    • Explicit instruction as best practice in classroom.
    • Target lower Junior levels and implement Mini-Lit for identified students
    • Common year group Planning time (Common DOTT)
    • Demonstrate accountability in performance management
    • Continue Sound Waves – whole school approach,