Mental Health Program

Kewdale PS is lucky enough to be a part of the government Mental Health Initiative in schools. We have been running the program for four years and have just received the great news that the program will continue until 2026. As part of the initiative, the school is provided with a Mental Health Coordinator role for a teacher within the school and a grant with which to disperse funds to programs which are beneficial to our students, staff and families. At this current time, we deliver the following three programs within the school;

Friendly Schools Plus
By promoting positive, sustainable, whole-school improvement, Friendly Schools helps school communities to build their own capacity for change. It enables schools to assess the social and emotional wellbeing of their students, examine their existing strategies for bullying prevention, identify strengths and areas in need of improvement and then address these gaps using extensively tested strategies.

The Fathering Project
The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids.
The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures.

Be You
Be You provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies for helping children and young people achieve their best possible mental health.

As well as these programs, we invite Standing Strong Vic Park in to run a four-week incursion for all students from PP-6. This will again be run in term 2 of 2021. Standing Strong is a resilience and confidence-building program designed to provide tools to improve the mental wellbeing of students. They learn mindfulness and discuss topics that will build their ‘self-care toolkits’ and allow them to face the world standing strong. We practice gratitude and engage in activities related to topics discussed each week. These topics can also be changed based on school demand and need. If the school is tackling bullying, for example, we could cater this program to discuss bullying and finding their voice to feel strong.

In addition, we celebrate Mental Health Week in term 4 (12-15 October) by taking part in activities everyday which encourage students to support the mental health and wellbeing of themselves and of others. Our focus is on prevention. Our goal is to start to equip students with the tools necessary when dealing with adversity and those things ‘life’ throws at you.

Mental Health Week 2021

Day 1: Mental Health Week at Kewdale PS kicked off with a fun dance day. Music was played over the PA at random times and students were encouraged to get up and dance.
Five of our classes also participated in Laughing Games based on Laughter Yoga. These classes encouraged our students to laugh loud and laugh a lot!!

Day 2:The focus for day two of Mental Health Week at Kewdale PS was on things we can do for our bodies and minds to help us feel our best. We started with a fun, energetic fitness session for the whole school run by Emma. All of the classes then made a healthy berry smoothie for all to enjoy. To finish off this busy school day, we all relaxed and took part in a mindfulness session led by Mrs Dodge.

Day 3: At Kewdale PS we made an effort to show kindness to others. We learned how to fill other people’s buckets with positive gestures. The “Be the ‘I’ in Kind” mural will be up on Friday in the quadrangle as well. It is a great photo opportunity for our families. A big thank you to Mrs Langford, Mrs Brown and the students of A1 for the wonderful display.

Day 4: Students came to school with their crazy hair or crazy clothes or both! We finished off the day with a parade of outfits and each class told some of their favourite jokes. Well done to everyone. We raised $234 for Headspace WA.

Great photos of Mental Health week on our Gallery page : click the link – Gallery


Laughter Prescription
Optimal Daily Dosage: 20 minutes of Laughter

  • Share your Smile
  • Avoid Bad News, look for Good News
  • Play, Laugh and have Fun with the People in Your Life, especially Children
  • Access more Comedy
  • Be an Optimist –  Have hope in your life
  • Exercise your sense of humour!
  • Laugh at Yourself
  • Find a laughter Club or do laughter Yoga
  • Give thanks for the benefits of laughter!

Some of the schools Fathering Project Breakfast activities from 2021  – Please also see our flyer from the morning :  breakfast newsletter