Making Up Lost Time In Literacy

MultiLit’s approach to improving the literacy skills of Students who are experiencing literacy difficulties is to combine research and theory with program development and service delivery. The approach we take is non-categorical, which means that we do not focus on the underlying causes or reasons why a child may have failed to make progress in reading. Our approach is to find out what skills students do have and which areas are cause for concern, and to then fill in their knowledge with direct, systematic and intensive teaching of these skills. The methods used by MultiLit Pty Ltd are based on over 30 years of research undertaken by members of the MultiLit Research Unit. MultiLit was coined as an acronym for ‘Making Up Lost Time in Literacy’.

At Kewdale Primary School the MultiLit and MiniLit program runs four days a week and works with our year 1 to year 6 students.
The program is delivered by our Education Assistants and is delivered to small groups of up to four students, but it is also used on a one-to-one basis.

Kindy 2021
Kindy will be undertaking the PreLit program in Term 1 2021, this is a systematic, skills-based program that lays a sound foundation for children to learn to read. It provides early childhood teachers with the tools necessary to teach pre-literacy skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way, focusing on phonological awareness and oral language development through structured storybook reading.

Who is it for?
Early Childhood children in the Foundation year without sufficient pre-literacy skills. PreLit can be taught to a whole class, small groups or individually, by Early Childhood educators. It is designed to be delivered three times a week.

Pre Primary 2021
Pre Primary will be undertaking the Initialit program in Term 1 2021, InitiaLit is an evidence-based whole-class literacy program which will provide all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations to become successful readers and writers. In the context of a Response to Intervention framework, InitiaLit is a Tier 1 program, designed to be delivered to whole classes by classroom teachers. InitiaLit is an evidence-based approach to reading and spelling aligned with the Australian National Curriculum.

The InitiaLit approach
InitiaLit is designed to be implemented across the four terms of the school year. InitiaLit–F and InitiaLit–1 focus on two main components:

  1. Phonics, to systematically and explicitly teach the basic and advanced alphabetic code in a set sequence. In addition to learning letter-sound correspondences and how these are applied to reading and spelling, children will be introduced to common morphemes and simple grammatical concepts.
  2. Vocabulary, oral language and listening comprehension through quality children’s literature. Detailed lessons, including writing tasks, are provided for each of the storybook titles selected for use with the program.