At Kewdale Primary School children attend one hour a week of music. The objective of a whole school approach to music is to provide children with a foundation of music skills which teaches them to listen, sing, play and explore sound. The program provides the children the opportunity to perform often in small groups and to a larger audience.


Children from year 4 to 6 are given the opportunity to audition for the choir. Many opportunities are offered throughout the year for performance including ANZAC Day, the Massed Choir Festival as well as a multitude of Christmas engagements. The children wear full choir uniform provided by the school to each performance.

Instrumental Music Programme

The Year 4 students are tested for musical aptitude in Term 4 each year.  The top scoring students are then offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument from visiting music teachers from the School of Instrumental Music.  The number of paces available is dependent on the allocation from the school of Instrumental Music.
Currently students at Kewdale Primary School are being offered the clarinet and flute.
These students receive weekly tuition at school and are invited to participate in the Combined School Band at the Belmont City College along with performing at various functions.
A nominal fee is charged for the hire of instruments in Year 5.