Kewdale Primary School has an engaging and innovative science program which seeks to build on students’ natural curiosity and develop their passion for exploring how the world works.  The Western Australian Science curriculum is taught using an inquiry based approach where students learn through hands-on experimentation and exploration of concepts.  Students are explicitly taught scientific inquiry skills including questioning, planning and conducting investigations, making and recording observations, evaluating results and drawing evidence-based conclusions.

Each week students in Years 1 – 6 have a one-hour lesson with our science teacher in the Science Room.  Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students have science lessons with their classroom teacher.

With the support of the P&C, Kewdale Primary School have whole school incursions and excursions to enhance and extend their learning in Science.  Previously students have had excursions to places such as Perth Zoo and Scitech and have had many exciting incursions.

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