The school performs very well in sports and students are keen to participate.  We have a specialist Physical Education teacher who co-ordinates the programme including inter-school competitions for the senior students.  This includes:

  1. Athletics Carnival: School faction and inter-school
  2. Inter-school swimming
  3. Interschool football, netball and soccer.
  4. School faction and inter-school Cross country
  5. Specialist sports clinics

All students are expected to participate in all physical education activities unless injured or an exemption letter is received from parents.  Should your child have a particular disability that prevents them from participating, please forward a note of explanation to the school.  For long term conditions exemption notes must be reviewed each year.

The school is required to provide 2 hours of active physical exercise each week.  This is provided through regular Friday senior sports for students in Years 3-6.

Pre-Primary and Years 1-2 run a separate Sports programme support by the PE teacher with skills lessons.

In-Term Swimming

As part of the school sport programme, all students from P – 6 are expected to participate in 10 lessons of swimming.

This is a ‘user-pay’ programme and children are bussed to Belmont Oasis Pool for the lessons, with Years 2-6 going in Term 1 and Years P-1 in Term 4.