Student Support

The school provides the following support for students:

  • a Learning Support Co-ordinator: this teacher provides counselling and support to students, teachers and parents to assist the students take the best possible advantage of education in the school and to realize their potential.
  • a SAER Co-ordinator (Students at Educational Risk) : this teacher, in partnership with the child’s parents and teachers, assists students who are at risk of not achieving their potential as a result of a disability or interrupted schooling programme which places the students at least 2 years behind their relevant year level.
  • an AEP Co-ordinator (Academic Extention Programme): this teacher co-ordinates the Regional Primary Extension and Challenge programme (PEAC), assists class teachers to run extension programmes and tracks able students in need of extension across the school.

Professional support

All children at the school including Pre-school children have access to professional support services.  These include:

  • School Psychologist
  • School Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • School Chaplian
  • Dental Therapy Unit
  • Speech Pathologist

Referrals may be made through these professionals to other agencies that may be of assistance.

These are always in consultation with parents at all stages