Term 3 – Week 7, 4 September 2019

Inter-school Cross Country
Well done to our Cross Country team for their great efforts at the recent Inter-School Cross Country at Tomato Lake.  We won the day overall, we also won 4 individual trophies and we won 5 of the 8 team events.  Our year 5 girls filled positions 1 to 4 in their event.  A huge thank you to Mrs Piani for her work in organising the team, and having the early morning practice sessions at Tomato Lake.

Safety Before and After School
It is very concerning when reports come in of cars speeding outside the school around drop off and pick up times.  It is even more concerning when those speeding are parents of our students.   All should be aware that the speed limit outside the school is 40 km/h at those times of the day.  We have a huge concentration of vehicles outside the school at these times with children getting in and out of cars.  Speeding in this situation is very dangerous. I am aware that parking is an issue here, but I must ask parents not to double park on the roads outside of school.  It is against the law and worse, could lead to a nasty accident.

Faction Athletics Carnival
Our Faction Athletics Carnival is next week. Jumps and throws are on Wednesday 11 September and the carnival proper is on Friday 13 September. At this stage the forecast is for fine weather on both days.  We look forward to seeing many of you at Friday’s events.  It is always a good day!


Brian Simpson