Term 4 – Week 5, 13 November 2019

Activity Week
Our Year 6 students had a great time at Activity week last week. They have been a wonderful group all year and thoroughly deserved their week out.

 Interschool Athletics
Our students did well at Monday’s Inter-School Athletics carnival. We won the handicap shield and came second by just 13 points in the overall trophy which was won by Cloverdale. We also won four individual trophies. Most importantly, our students’ behaviour and sportsmanship were exemplary. The weather was about perfect – nothing like Saturday, thank goodness. Thank you to Mrs Piani for organising the team, and to Mrs Cunnington for your help on the day. It was great to see so many parents attending. (See Page 2)

Belmont Combined Schools Band
The Belmont Combined Band performed at school yesterday, with some of our students taking part. As always they did a wonderful job.

Parking Issues
Parking becomes an issue here on a regular basis. With fewer children walking or riding to school it is unlikely to improve. I have had the opportunity to bring it up with the Minister on a couple of occasions, but as it is an issue in most schools, and expensive to fix, there is no immediate external solution. It is not appropriate (or legal) to double park in Belmont Ave. It is dangerous and blocks others in. We will alert the local rangers to the issue if it continues.

Here are some options that may reduce the problem:

  • If you live close enough, walk your child to and from school.
  • Park further away – we don’t all have to park in Belmont Ave, Kew St or Knutsford Ave.
  • Park near Gerry Archer on Robinson Ave and walk to school.

Your child will enjoy walking and chatting with you.

Brian Simpson