Term 4 – Week 7, 27 November 2019

Foodbank Challenge
Well done to students and their families for yet another great Foodbank collection.  We won, but the important part of the appeal is helping those in need.  The food collected will be well used, and will help many families.  A big thank you to Mrs Lysle for organising the appeal, and to all of our staff for continuing to support it.  A Foodbank representative will be at our next assembly.

School Review
Parents may be aware that the Department of Education is now conducting three yearly reviews of schools.  Ours was conducted in late October, and we have received our report.  We received an “Effective” rating.  The report is a public document and will be put on the school website.  Our next review is in 2022.

Classes 2020
Below are the 2020 classes at the moment.  Some positions are yet to be confirmed (TBC)

Room Teacher Year Room Teacher Year
EC1 Mrs Fincham K1 + K2


Mr Kingston 5/6
EC2 Mrs Savage PP Music Mrs Lysle
EC3 Mrs Eades PP/Year 1 LSC TBC
A1 Mrs Macri/Ms Williams Year 1 Science Mrs Harwood
A2 Ms Middleton Year 1/2 LOTE Mrs Gao
1 Ms Griffin Year 2 PE Mrs Piani
2 Mrs O’Halloran Year 2/3 EAL Ms McQuillan
15 Mrs Harwood /Ms Millar Year 3 KEP Mrs Gulhan
14 TBC Year 3/4 ECE DOTT Mrs Stewart
13 Mrs Smith Year 4/5 JP DOTT TBC
10 Mrs Lysle/Ms Giggins Year 5/6 ICT TBC

We are introducing an ICT specialist next year to help with ICT delivery.
In Room A1, Mrs Macri will work Monday and Tuesday, and Ms Williams Wednesday to Friday.
In Room 15, Mrs Harwood will work Monday and Tuesday, and Ms Millar Wednesday to Friday.
Room 10 will continue with Ms Giggins working Monday, Tuesday and Friday, with Mrs Lysle in the class Wednesday and Thursday.

Brian Simpson