Term 4 – Week 7, 27 November 2021


Congratulations to Ms O’Leary and Mrs Eades who have won positions in new schools for 2022.  We wish you all the best for next year and the years ahead on your education journey.

The Government’s compulsory vaccinations for people working in schools will have some flow on effects for parents, such as volunteers who work a day a week or more will need to be vaccinated.  I will provide more information as it comes to hand.

Interschool Athletics
Congratulations to our Interschool Athletics team for their great efforts last week.  We won the day and had several individual trophy winners.  A huge thank you to Mrs Piani for her great work in preparing our team.  We hosted the day – a big job and thank you again Mrs Piani for your great organisation.  A special thank you too to the staff and parents who helped on the day.

Transition Meetings
Ms Griffin has worked hard to organise transition meetings for many of our students.  This is to ensure a smooth start to the next school year.  As both this year’s and next year’s teachers attend we organise relief which costs the school money.  While we see these meetings as necessary and budget accordingly, it is very disappointing when parents don’t attend as requested.

Toys at School
Parents are reminded that students should not bring toys and sports equipment from home.  We have a great deal of sporting equipment here and at times have issues with student’s toys and sports gear going missing.

Brian Simpson