Term 2 – Week 9, 24 June 2020

As we move toward the end of this Semester I would like to thank the school community for your cooperation and assistance over the past few months. This semester has been very unusual and our school community has faced many challenges which, I am very proud to say, we have met exceptionally well. During this time our students have developed some skills which will benefit their growth. Over the past few months our students have demonstrated many essential and necessary skills such as organisation, resilience and taking responsibility for themselves.  Teachers have commented on student progress in regards to student responsibility. We commend our students in getting ready for the day, taking care of their own items, moving around school independently and showing the confidence that they can do it when faced with challenges.

Pupil Free Day
Next week (Friday 3 July 2020) is our Pupil Free Day for Term 2.
These days are of high importance to us as a learning community, as they give us the opportunity to be involved in professional development and the opportunity to engage in deep collegial discussions regarding our practice. We will be focussing on whole school Maths planning, Talk for Writing, Student Well-Being and Behaviour Management and we will be doing further work on the Aboriginal Framework.

Due to the pandemic, attendance rates have been very irregular. This has presented us with a challenge in the way we deliver our full curriculum. As a result of this very uncharacteristic time, semester reports will be different. They will not include A to E grades. Reports will include a brief comment for English and Maths, a general comment and an effort rating in each subject.

Phase 4: Guidelines for Schools
As part of Recovery Phase 4 we are required to implement the next changes, however I will communicate this information to parents/carers next week when we have a clear direction from the Department of Education.

Chaplaincy Changes
Vicki Banks has reduced her Chaplaincy day to one day a week and she will continue her role at our school on Tuesdays. Our school is allocated 2 days a week to Chaplaincy support therefore, we have a new Chaplain who has joined our school community and will be supporting us every Wednesday. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Charis Chua who has commenced her chaplaincy as of today. Charis has met our wonderful students and we are really looking forward to her settling in to our school and having a positive impact upon our school community.

Watch this space as Charis and I have been discussing new initiatives such as Drum Beat and Wednesday Lunch Fun Club which Charis will implement at our school soon. This is an exciting time for KPS.

A special thank you goes out to our school Cleaners. You have done an amazing job this Semester in keeping our school clean. Our students, teachers and parents thank you for your efforts. Your job is one of the most important jobs in our school and you have provided us with a safe, clean learning environment which we appreciate and take pride in.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe break for the school holidays. I would like to praise and applaud teachers for their hard work and dedication to the education of our students and I wish them a restful and very well deserved break. Despite this difficult period, they have had a positive effect on student academic performance and achievements. We appreciate their continued persistent willpower. I am looking forward to Semester Two and I thank every community member of Kewdale Primary School.

Dilek Yavuz