Term 2 – Week 3, 11th May 2022


At this time of year I really love to take the time to appreciate what a great learning environment we have at Kewdale Primary School. The weather seems to have turned so quickly from our hot and sticky summer to cold mornings and evenings and slightly cooler sunny days. It is also a time when our students start wearing jumpers to combat the morning cold, then at some point in the day they come off and I seem to be collecting them from all locations around the school, a good reminder to ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on the label so we can ensure they get returned to you.

I joined this wonderful school 4 months ago as the Principal and it has indeed been a challenging and rewarding experience. Schools have so many layers and facets and they serve diverse communities with varying needs, wants and perceptions of what makes a great school, but we are all bonded by our passion for the children in our care and achieving the best possible educational, social and physical outcomes for them. Thank you to all our students, parents, families and staff who have made this last term so memorable with their considerable contributions that make Kewdale Primary School such an integral and integrated part of this wonderful community. One way that families can contribute is by paying the voluntary contribution charges of $60 per student and $10 per family P&C contribution. These funds go directly to enhancing the learning programs of our students.

Personally, Term 1 2022 felt extra-long. As a school community we have been challenged by ever-changing COVID protocols, staff changes, navigated a school where we couldn’t assemble or come together, became used to wearing masks and innovated to keep this school safe and stable for our students. It’s a fantastic achievement to have thrived and I have every confidence that we will continue to do so.

Natalie Oddy