Term 3 – Week 7, 1 September 2021


Kindy Enrolments
We have had some Kindy enrolments since the last newsletter but we are still well below what we need.  If you know of families that have students who will be Kindy age next year, please remind them to enrol their students as soon as possible.

Classes 2022/Intentions
As I said last newsletter, planning for 2022 is underway.  Accurate numbers are essential when trying to set up classes.  To that end I would ask parents to let the school know in good time if your child/children will not be returning to Kewdale next year.

Science Grant
We have received a grant of $40 000 from the Government to go towards resources for our science room.  Mrs Harwood will enjoy sourcing what we need and our students will enjoy the result.

Late Pickups
We are having more and more students being picked up late.  We understand that parents can become delayed on occasions and those parents usually let us know when they are going to be late.  However we have some students who are regularly collected quite late in the day.  For those parents, I would suggest that you make use of the after school care at Belmont Oasis.  Details are available at the front office.

Book Week
We had a wonderful Book Week last week.  Thanks to Mrs Morgan and her team, the library looked just beautiful.  We sold around $2 700 worth of books in the Bookfair which was great.  And the Book Character parade showed the great imaginations of parents, students and staff.

Cross Country
At our recent Interschool Cross Country our students again did very well, coming in a very creditable second overall.  Our students won 2 events and our year level teams also did very well.  A huge thank you to Mrs Piani for organising and training the team and also to the staff who helped out on the day.

Sick Children (reprise)
Children who are sick should not be at school.  This week we have again had to send quite a number home who should not have been here.  This especially includes children who are coughing, sneezing and have runny noses.  This has always been important but is even more so in this COVID world. 

Fathering Project Breakfast
We had an amazing Fathering Project breakfast yesterday morning.  We had a wonderful turnout – the best I have seen for one of these events in my whole time of teaching.  It was great to see fathers and their children enjoying the beautiful breakfast, having their photos taken and even making paper planes.  Thank you to Mrs Piani for organising the event and also to the parents and staff who helped set up, cook, serve and clean up afterwards.  You can all be very proud!

 Faction Athletics Carnival
Somehow, we are at Athletics time.  Wednesday next week is the Jumps and Throws and Friday is the Carnival itself.  We look forward to seeing as many parents as can make it on the day.  The forecast at this stage is for a fine day.

Brian Simpson