Term 2 – Week 3, 15 May 2019

Student Arrival Time 

Students have recently been arriving at 7.50 am, and this is not acceptable. We encourage parents not to have their children at school before 8.30 am. We do not have supervision set up for them prior to then. If there is a reason for children arriving early, please contact the front office. If you have to be at work early, there is the option of before school care and we are happy to provide details of the one that services our school. Students who arrive at school early are expected to remain in the assembly area until 8.35. 

Speaking Out Survey 

Our school is 1 of 150 schools participating in the Speaking Out Survey which has been organised by the Children’s Commissioner, Colin Petitt. The idea is to get information on how children from Year 4 to 12 feel about a range of issues that affect them. The information is presented as collated, so no individual students or schools are identified. It fits neatly with our Mental Health work. 23 students from year 4 to 6 have been randomly selected by the Department. I will be sending letters home to parents next week. Parents can choose not to have their child participate, and students can also opt out. The survey will be conducted on Tuesday 28 May. The Children’s Commission will be conducting the survey and bringing tablets to use. 


NAPLAN has started. It is important to keep it as low key as you can at home. Normal routines, good nutrition and a good night’s sleep are the keys to students doing their best. 


Please keep your students’ school reports and NAPLAN reports. We are having parents asking for them to be re-printed at school, and this can become quite time consuming. Also be aware that they may not always be available 

School Photos 

School photos schedule has changed and booked as follows:

Tuesday 28 May 

K1, Rms EC2, EC3, 1, 2, 10, 11, Ministers/Faction Captains/Yr 6 Graduation Photos 

Thursday 30 May 

K2, Rms A1, A2, 16, 15, 14, 13 

Brian Simpson 



Please note the changes from the term planner. 

Please note soccer closes 31st may and 14 June.