As a Government school we are open to all students, irrespective of social background, economic circumstance or location. We must be inclusive of the local community and include recognition and understanding of the difference and challenges of the other communities that our children will be part of in the global context.  Accordingly, we are committed to the values that we believe are essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for all students.  We are guided by five core values in everything we do.

  • a pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to the achievement of potential;
  • self acceptance and respect of self;
  • respect and concern for others and their rights;
  • social and civic responsibility; and
  • environmental responsibility

In pursuing these values and our Purpose, we are committed to the principles espoused by the Department of Education and Training:


A positive approach to learning that is encouraged in others; all students have the capacity to gain knowledge and skills.


High expectations of students and staff which results in high standards of academic and social achievement.


Recognition of the differing circumstances and needs of all students and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for all; ensuring all workplaces and learning environments are safe, free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.


Treatment of all individuals with care – relationships based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility; recognition of the value of working in partnership with students and the wider community in providing world-class education and training for all