Welcome to Kewdale Primary School

Welcome to our school website. I am privileged to be Principal at Kewdale Primary School and welcome your association with our school. I am deeply committed to fostering a nurturing environment in which every child is supported to flourish. We look forward to working together to make these years of education a rewarding experience for your child.

Kewdale Primary School, established in 1915, has a long history of academic excellence, community support and the provision of a wide range of opportunities to develop the skills, interests and knowledge of all children in our care. We believe there is a unique culture at Kewdale and this community spirit is evident immediately when walking into Kewdale Primary School. Students, staff and parents actively participate in establishing Kewdale Primary School as the pillar of the community that it has become and are proud to invoke a sense of belonging and a lifelong association with the school. Students build their future upon the foundations that Kewdale Primary School has provided.

The school community through the School Council plays a pivotal role in reviewing the school’s strategic direction. Our active and dedicated Parents and Citizens’ Association work in partnership with the school community to promote our learning programs and school in the wider community. The challenge for schools is to meet the individual needs of all learners, unlocking the talents, gifts and potential of every student with whose successful development we’re entrusted. We support parents in wanting the very best for their children. Working together we can achieve success which results in lifelong learning. At school, we build on the foundation laid by parents, and we encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in school life.

To learn more, I encourage you and your child to visit us and experience our school and community.

Kind regards

Natalie Oddy
BEd (Hons), MEd (Leadership)
Kewdale Primary School