School Bell Times

  • Doors open at 8.35am
  • School commences at 8.50am
  • Recess at 11.05am – 11.25am
  • Lunch at 1.25pm – 2.05pm
  • Students dismissed at 3.10pm

Regular and consistent school attendance is crucial for your child’s success at school. Students who attend school regularly build a foundation for learning that leads to better academic performance, enhanced social connections, and greater engagement with their community. Students are expected to attend all school days, including celebration days and the end of school terms. We understand that at times children will be unable to attend school, such as in the case of illness, in which case please get in contact with our administration team. If there are ongoing difficulties that are impacting your child’s attendance, we are able to partner with your family to provide support and problem solve challenges.

Children left late after school

If children are not collected by 3.30 p.m. and we have not been contacted by the adults concerned, the following procedure takes place:

  • Telephone the home
  • Telephone work number (if applicable)
  • Telephone emergency number

If we are unable to contact anyone on the child’s contact list, Family and Children Services may be contacted.